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Come visit us at 633 W 35th Street, Norfolk, VA 23508
Located within the House of Consciousness

Cafe' Hours

Tuesday - Sunday : Noon - 8pm

Monday : Cultura Market Day
                   Open 3-8pm

Questions? Call us at 757-291-5588

Jikoni Cafe' is an ALL VEGAN restaurant sitting in the heart of  Norfolk. We bring an alternative option to meat without compromising the savory flavor. How do we do it? With our secret ingredient JIKONI KUSH. This non-hybrid grain, hailing from the tropics of Africa, provides our customers with the feeling of a satisfactroy hardy meal, a well seasoned dish, and has them leaving with a healthy attitude. From our ALL VEGAN ice cream smoothies to our 10" ALL VEGAN Jadi pizzas, Jikoni Cafe' has mastered the culinary vegan arts while also providing an outlet for folks intellectually indulged into the rich culture of the Conscious Community. You will find us immediately within our cities shinning star The House of Consciousness on 35th street. Bring an empty stomach along with an open mind and we'll send you back full. 

Words From The Community

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