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Fruits & Vegetables vs Herbs

The good thing is that fruits, vegetables, and herbs are all plants but not all plants were created equal. Meaning, not all plants have the same function or provide the same benefits. In fact, these labels are more than just a type of plant. These are categories and all categories mean something specific, especially to humans.

Fruits - A fruit is basically a seed bearing structure that blossoms from a plant. More importantly, it is the most digestibale food their is for the human species. It is the only natural food in existence that can bypass the intestines during digestion and go directly into the blood stream. It can and should be consumed everyday and most definitley make up the majority of one's diet. Though they play many functions throughout the body, the main job of a fruit is to provide the body with energy via carbon, water, and sugar.

Vegetables - A vegetable is typically known as the edible part of a plant that does not have a seed, in its most simple terms. Vegetables, like fruits, consist of many carbohydrates. They also consist of a lot of vitamin complexes and mineral content that would be difficult to get from just a pure fruit based diet in an area that is not in the tropics or located on the equator. Vegetables are important to an all plant based diet but only needs to make up about 20-30% of your diet.

Herbs - Commonly looked at as spices, leaves, roots, seeds, and flowers. The herb is a plant that will usually have a strong medicinal property associated with it. Basically, they have high concentrations of certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins or anti-oxidants. It is these high conentrated levels that make them so powerful and also so dangerous if you are not careful. Herbs are typically not meant to be taken forever or an extended period beyond the healing point. This is becasue the body can be overwhelmed by too much of a good thing.Ultimately, you want to look at your herbs as almost like a supplement., not necessarily a food.

Though they are all different in their own respect, they all share an origin of being developed in the plant kingdom. Not all plants are meant for humans to consume and even for those that are we must be careful in how much we partake in when in comes to certain plants. Overall, fruits are meant to be our main source of energy, vegetables aid in our detoxification, and herbs act as a natural medicine used for healing the body of certain ailments or deficiencies.

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