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What is Jikoni Kush?

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

The age old question to Jikoni Cafe's number one food staple. What is JIKONI KUSH?

It's simple. Jikoni Kush is an organic wheat grain that originates from the miditeranian and has been grown and consumed for thousands of years before ever dropping one speck of it into the Americas.

Jikoni Kush or Rice?

I know what you're thinking, "If it's a wheat then it must be like rice right?"

It makes sense but that's not the whole story. Jikoni Kush is in the wheat family, yet it holds a greater family connection with spelt than traditional common wheat. Basically, it still holds tight to its ancient roots unlike todays common wheat which has been unnaturally hybridized and highly glutenized. Though Jikoni Kush also contains gluten (wheat protein) many gluten sensitive individuals find that they are not negatively impacted by the contents of our Jikoni Kush. This is because common wheat gluten has been unnaturally structured to a level that the human digestive system has not been able to adequately adapt to.

JIKONI KUSH was created to be eaten by the common man and woman.

Taste Like Meat!

Jikoni Cafe' is an ALL VEGAN restaurant, but that doesn't mean that our dishes can't taste like the contrary. With the help and adaptability of our number one ingredient, JIKONI KUSH, we have been able to successfully substitute the absence of chicken, beef, and pork into our delectable menu.

Does Jikoni Kush taste like meat? Of course not, but we can season it to resemble a delicious mexican burrito. And that's nothing compared to our Rasta Pasta Bowl which makes your tastebuds believe that you are endulging in a full blown alfredo pasta sauce with chunks of savory sausage bites. #StillVegan

Super Healthy

Natural gluten that the body was meant to digest, non-gmo, organic, vegan, and very low in calories. How low? Compared to brown rice and spelt, it's extremely low. Per 100 grams, brown rice holds about 111 calories, Spelt 338 calories, and Jikoni Kush comes in at a whopping 83 calories.

Nutrtionally speaking, Jikoni Kush is high in protein and contains many B vitamins as well as minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

If you're not quite convinced that JIKONI KUSH is the greatest thing since Quinoa, then come try it for yourself and be your own judge. You can find #JikoniCafe within the House of Consciousness in Norfolk, VA 23508

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