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The Birth of Jikoni Cafe'

Jikoni Cafe' is an ALL VEGAN restaurant that sits in the heart of the city of Norfolk, surrounded by carnivorous establishments and fast food joints. We are able to survive such an intense environment becasue fortunately predators don't hunt plants.

Inside of the well respected and highly reveered bookstore known as the House of Consciousness sits Jikoni Cafe'. This red, black, and green building for decades has acted as a hub for ancient information and an incubator for new evolutionary thought leaders. It wasn't until 2010 when Brother George passed down this legacy to another powerful leader within the community, Sister Drea, that the idea for an all vegan cafe' was sparked and BOOM....Jikoni was born.

Over the years the menu has grown and expanded to areas that were originally unexpected and now with her partner, Brother Logas, it feels like no idea is out of reach for Jikoni Cafe'.

Look forward to new additions and inhancements to be made to our all vegan menu for 2018.

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